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Getting by Being Vegan/Vegetarian on Campus

by Marie Miller

For some students at Pitt-Greensburg, being a vegan or vegetarian can be challenging. One is-sue is that many of those people do not know others who follow a similar diet. Sometimes it can lead to a student feeling isolated in a room full of meat eaters who are chewing away with what is left of that bird or cow. Those students do not need to feel so alienated now. They will have the opportunity to be surrounded by people who share the same thoughts or beliefs.

An event will be held on April 5 at 7:30 PM in Village Hall 118 and will be hosted by the environmental club, during which, vegans and vegetarians can become familiar with each other. Snacks for veg-ans and vegetarians will be offered. This provides an opportunity for people who are already a part of this culture and those considering changing to this diet plan to meet and share their thoughts. Speakers there will talk about how it positively affects your health and the environmental reasons for why people should become a vegan or vegetarian. It has yet to be finalized, but most likely, this event will offer village credit.

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