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Behind the Bobcat featuring Bruiser

by Ali Dimoff

bruiserBruiser the Bobcat may look like he’s changed his appearance over the years, but according to Bruiser, he’s never had a makeover.

“The changes people see in appearance are due to different generations in the Bruiser lineage. Being the mascot for Pitt-Greensburg is a family tradition,” Bruiser said.

Although the specific location was not given, Bruiser shared that he lives on campus – in the woods. Despite how noisy campus can be between maintenance and action sports, Bruiser prefers that to how quiet the summer can be.

The lack of commotion in the summer makes the Big Bang Bruiser’s favorite campus event.

“The students are all back and the programming board is good about bringing other animals to the event, it makes it fun for me,” Bruiser said.

However, there is one part of the event Bruiser isn’t so keen about.

“The fireworks are a little scary at night,” he said.

Before returning to important mascot matters, Bruiser was kind enough to offer advice to aspiring mascots.

“Stay limber. Also, go with the flow. You never know how people will react. And most importantly, don’t scare children intentionally,” Bruiser said.



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