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Are We Living in the Past or Present?

by Jenna Aleski

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Photos supplied by Brian Root.

Educators are there to prepare students for the world in which we live in. We live on a campus where there is constant change and growth. According to Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life, Brian Root, it’s important for a university to keep up with the surrounding world around us. Root made a point about how a lot has changed since he went to UPG, mostly the construction of the buildings and policies.

When Root was a student, they were actively constructing the other three Humanities Academic Villages. It wasn’t until October 1999 when the 3 garden style apartments – Apollo House, Athena House, and Selene House – were complete. There was no coffee house, so no late night option for students be-fore then.

thumbnail_image (10)Frank A. Cassell Hall opened its doors for the Fall Semester in August 2012. The building was a Silver LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) to preserve 30 percent annual energy and reduce water usage by 50 percent. This was the first Silver LEED certification designed building on campus and a big step towards keeping up with the world around us.

Gender-neutral housing is just another big step in this ever-changing world. Root commented on this policy that changed from when he attended UPG as a student to being apart of the staff.

thumbnail_image (11)“Even policies changed. The policy used to be after one in the morning, men had to stay on their side of the building and women had to be on the other side of the building. Gender-neutral housing is just that step towards our ever changing campus. We’ve gotten to the point where we’re much more accepting on letting students be adults,” said Root.

The world around us changes. Our implements, our knowledge, and our culture are transforming before our eyes. We leave with a keener awareness of the world in which we live and better understanding of evolving as people.

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