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New Hall Committees Bring More Activities to Residents this Semester

by Amanda Bateman

HallPitt-Greensburg residents can expect to see more activities in their residence halls this semester. Pitt-Greensburg’s Resident Student Council (RSC) is creating hall councils for every residence hall on campus, which will be open for all residents to join.

Co-advisor of RSC, Michele Magliulo, helped shape the hall councils. In the past, RSC would meet once a week and host three to four programs a semester for all residence halls. From now on, RSC will still be hosting their campuswide programs like Hall Olympics and Cupcake Wars, but it will be using the leftover funds for programs run by the hall councils. Magliulo believes this will give RSC members who are not already in leadership positions more responsibility and purpose in the club.

“You make your own meetings with other hall council members, plan your own programs for the hall, and make sure your hall is a place where everyone wants to live,” she said.

Hall councils will be required to host 2 programs each semester in their residence hall. These can be supportive programs, late-night programs, educational programs, social programs, or passive programs. As a result, residents can expect to see more than just the programs their CAs host this semester.

“This is just a start of a new beginning,” Magliulo said.

In the future, she expects that each hall council will have a president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. For now though, RSC is focusing on recruiting members to join hall councils and making these programs happen.

For more information about joining your residence hall’s hall council, keep an eye on your hall’s Facebook page or contact co-advisors for RSC, Michele Magliulo ( and Sarah Young (, or RSC president Tyler Lookabaugh (

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