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Intramural Soccer: Fight for First

by Thalia Speksnijder

photo 1Pitt-Greensburg’s spring semester brings another season of intramural soccer.

These student-created teams are out for more than fun; they’re out to win.

“I’m confident that our team will win again this year,” said Applied Mathematics major, Trevor Smith, member of the intramural soccer team Another 1. He is the captain of the soccer team and, along with the other members of Another 1, is reigning champion from last year’s intramural soccer.

Smith’s team – Another 1 – and the team Red Birds are currently tied for first. Both have three wins under their belts.

For students, intramural soccer is a way to have friendly competition and to enjoy some time away from classes. It brings students together, whether they are playing on a team or on the sidelines rooting for classmates.

“Soccer is a stress reliever,” Smith said. “It takes away all the hustle of school, homework, and work and simplifies life for an hour or so.”

Games are played in the gym from 6 to 11 p.m. every Sunday through Thursday. The season will continue through February, ending on Mar. 2

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