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Vets Welcome: Pitt-Greensburg Named Veteran Friendly School

by Thalia Speksnijder

VeysThis year marks the fourth consecutive year that Pitt-Greensburg was named a “Military Friendly School” by Victory Media. Out of over 10,000 Veterans-Administration-approved schools in the nation, Pitt-Greensburg is included in the top 20 percent of those who try to ensure the success of members of the military in their careers as students on campus.

“The people down in financial aid deserve a lot of credit,” said Jason Rivenburg, a veteran currently going to Pitt-Greensburg for English Literature, English Writing, and Education. “They are always contacting me and helping me make sure the paperwork gets through.”

In addition, Pitt-Greensburg waives its $45 application fee for all veterans and allows these students to enroll earlier than other students. Enrollment for veterans begins at 8:30 a.m. the Friday before other students begin enrolling for classes.

Forty-nine veterans, their spouses, or children attended the University throughout the 2013-2014 school year. Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Benefits were eligible to 36 of these students. This provides for the total cost of going to a four-year, public college as an in-state student going for an undergraduate degree. In addition, veterans and their families are given a stipend that accounts for housing and for books.

Also, the Yellow Ribbon Program accounted for costs exceeding the tuition paid by Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Benefits for five students.

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