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Dec(orate) The Halls

by Ali Dimmoff

While residents on campus usually adorn their rooms with holiday and seasonal decorations, those in Westmoreland Hall decided to take the holiday decorating one step further this year and create a hall-wide display.

Mike Lights

CA Mike Spadafore pretending to be a Christmas tree. Photo courtesy of Mallory Oates

“We used an old, fake tree, ornaments, white fluff to make it look like there was snow under the tree, lights, and more to help residents get in the mood for the holidays,” Community Assistant Mike Spadafore said.

Though the display was primarily Christmas-themed, Spadafore said that residents were open to adding decorations for other holidays as well if someone suggested or requested it.

On Dec. 2, the three Community Assistants (CAs) in Westmoreland Hall hosted the decorating program for the entire building. Residents were invited to string lights, paint ornaments, and decorate the lobby of the building. Spadafore believed this was a chance for residents to take pride not only in the program, but also their building.

“Knowing that 96 students walk by and see the end result everyday has to be a good feeling for everyone that participated,” Spadafore said. “This program also helped to clear residents’ heads when it comes to finals.”

Programs such as decorating the resident halls is a good opportunity to break up the monotony of studying as well as any homesickness students may have at this time of year.

Spadafore says he is not the craftiest person, but even he enjoyed painting ornaments and feels that’s a craft anyone could partake in regardless of their creativity level. There’s no right or wrong way to paint and it’s a cheap and easy way to decorate and be festive.

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