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CAFT Welcomes Back Alumni for Philosophical Discussion

by Kaylee Hauck

“So, why do we like clothes?” asked Bryan McCarthy, the most recent moderator at the Campus Alliance for Free Thought (CAFT) meeting on Dec. 4 in Village Hall.

There were a number of answers, ranging from the fact that they give us individuality all the way to the fact that they make us feel warm and protected from outside elements.

VHMcCarthy, an alumni of Pitt-Greensburg, came to speak during the CAFT meeting about  “You Are What You Wear”, a topic which relates to his dissertation at Oxford: From Fig Leaves to Skinny Jeans: How Clothes Shape Our Experience of God, Ourselves, and Everything Else.

When asked what drew him to this topic, he simply stated “I like clothes.”

The meeting lasted a little over an hour, but it was an eye opening experience for many. People don’t often realize how much clothing impacts them, or how much it can shape who they are as a person. It affects how we act overall.

“When we put on clothes, it does something to us.” said McCarthy.

McCarthy graduated from Pitt-Greensburg in 2001 as a Humanities major with a Writing concentration. After taking a few years off to travel to places like Mexico, Peru, and all across Europe, McCarthy attended Yale University in 2005 where he obtained two Masters degrees. McCarthy now attends Oxford University, where he’s pursuing his Doctorate in Philosophy.

CAFT holds events in Village Hall for people to come and discuss different philosophical topics every meeting, with various moderators leading the discussion at each meeting.

For more information on CAFT and their normal meeting times or how to get involved, e-mail Dr. William Rued at

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