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Ten New Courses Offered for Spring Semester

by Tori Phillips

New Spring Courses

This upcoming spring semester, the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg is offering 10 new courses.

Although two courses, Digital Humanities and Biological Foundations of Behavior, require students to be at the sophomore level, the rest of the new courses do not require any prerequisites.

Tim Savisky, Assistant Professor of Biology at Pitt-Greensburg and professor for the new Exploring the Environment in Bolivia course, is taking 10 Pitt-Greensburg students to Bolivia for Spring Break as part of the coursework.

They will meet for the first eight weeks of the semester, discussing and reading articles related to environmental issues in Bolivia, ranging from water use to rainforests. They will visit local markets, schools, the Inca Trail, rainforest, and more.

While the deadline has passed to apply for any Spring Study Abroad program, Professor Savisky says that his course should be offered every spring semester.

Professor Sharon Turchick, Assistant Professor of Management-Accounting, explains the goal for her new Personal Finance Planning course as a way to help students of any discipline acquire the basic knowledge and skills to make sound financial decisions.

“The idea actually stemmed from students coming to me—mostly accounting and management majors since I knew them—with job offers and asking me to explain their options regarding retirement, insurance etc. Or, they would come with questions about their student loans or a pending car lease [or] purchase,” Turchick said.

Most students have finished enrollment into their spring courses by Thanksgiving break, but a majority of undergraduates will either drop or reschedule a course for various reasons.

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