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New Arts-E Program Comes to Pitt-Greensburg

by Tori Phillips

The Arts Entrepreneurship Certificate Program, offered starting this semester, gives undergraduates the opportunity for self-promotion within artistic career fields throughout selected Business courses.

Stephen Schrum, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts at Pitt-Greensburg and Coordinator of Arts-E Program, explained the reasons for starting the program on campus.

“The first is a bias [from parents and students] against the Arts as a chosen profession; they perceive limited income potential of those working in the Arts as a major roadblock to measuring success and personal growth,” Schrum said.

Arts - Tori‘The second challenge is finding ways to stand out in a very competitive field with relatively limited opportunities, when those hiring, including casting agents and directors, have a surplus of talent from which to choose.”

Schrum teamed up with other faculty on campus to shape the certificate program, including: Dr. Gary Lutz, Assistant Professor of English; Pamela Ondeck, Assistant Professor of Management; John H. Prellwitz, Assistant Professor of Communication; and Ewa Rudnicka, professor of Management Science.

Arts-E benefits students pursuing a career within English, Visual and Performing Arts, or Communication fields, but Business Management majors would find b
enefits in the program as well, especially if they have a taste for the arts or marketing.

“Students in any major who plan on doing a job search or who might wish to start their own business, would benefit from this program by figuring out their brand and learning how to market themselves to potential employers, grad schools, or banks who may provide business loans,” Schrum said.

Lutz said that his Business Writing course next Fall “will be modified to include assignments relevant to arts entrepreneurship, such as how to write grant applications to secure funding for arts-related projects.”  

Undergrads hoping for the certification need to take the following course: Financial Accounting (MGMT 0022), Project Management (MGMT 1857), Advertising Strategy and Practice (COMMRC 1310), Business Writing (ENGCMP 0031), the new Arts Entrepreneurship course, and an internship in either a local arts association, a summer theatre, or non-arts program.

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