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Upperclassmen vs. Underclassmen: Favorites

by Liz Laughlin

Upperclassmen and underclassmen have very different views of college. Underclassmen are new, excited to be on their own, and are hopeful for the future. Upperclassmen are a little more cynical. They’re over 8 a.m. classes and hall bonding events, and the harsh reality that they may not find jobs after graduation is setting in.

At least, that’s what we all think.

We asked upperclassmen and underclassmen the same question to see how their viewpoints of Pitt-Greensburg differed. The answers just may surprise you.

What is your favorite thing about Pitt-Greensburg?”


Petrosky“The size of classes and the overall size of campus. When choosing which campus to attend, the fact that UPG held 25-35 students [per class] weighed heavily on my decision. Our campus is more hands-on than other campuses. UPJ has classes with over two hundred students!”

Mike Petrosky, senior

Carpenter“My favorite part of UPG is how personable and friendly everyone is. I also like the opportunities that a smaller campus gives you to be involved and make connections.”

Jessica Carpenter, Junior

Uhrinek“I like how friendly and approachable the professors are. The campus is lovely. There’s a little-used hiking trail near the upper Powers parking lot. It’s a good spot to clear your head between classes.”

Gretchen Uhrinek, junior


no photo“I love how there are so many things to do on campus and the people are so pleasant. I like hanging out with my friends on campus.”

Miranda Spagnoletti, freshman

Screenshot_2015-09-16-12-28-44“My favorite part of Pitt-Greensburg is that my peers and the faculty are always there to help. You’re never really alone in anything. In addition to that, everything is open for our use, so there is always something to do.”

Kassie Behanna, freshman

Walker“My favorite part of the campus is feeling a part of something great. Pitt is constantly ranked as one of the greatest universities in the country. That and my grandfather’s pressure are why I chose Pitt. I chose Pitt-Greensburg specifically for the smaller class sizes. Smaller class sizes makes it easier for learning.”

Kenneth Walker, freshman

Editors note: All photos have been obtained from the students’ Facebook pages, with the exception of Kassie Behanna’s photo.

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