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Thirty Years of Rick Fogle

by Thalia Speksnijder

This year, Dean of Student Services Rick Fogle marks his thirtieth year working at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.


Rick Fogle reflects on his thirty years at Pitt-Greensburg. Thalia Speksnijder | The Insider

“I’m tired,” he said with a laugh when his thirty years were mentioned.

Over the course of his years here, he has watched the campus grow. He recalled his first days by remarking how it was only him and two Work-Studies. Facilities have grown, and the campus has increased from 100 residents to approximately 600. He likes how this campus is constantly expanding. Whereas other, larger schools are more structured, Pitt-Greensburg gives him the ability to work closely with students and give them the best value for their tuition.

Greensburg, in Fogle’s opinion, has always attracted good students, and he feels it is the job of student services, and his job, to encourage and guide students.

“He’s a good guy, always looking out for students and trying to give them the best experience possible,” said Al Thiel, Director of Student Activities.

Everyone has kind words to say about Fogle, especially one of the maintenance workers on campus, Lenny Jones. One weekend, he went over to Fogle’s house to help with the gutters. He said he laughed when he found Fogle at the bottom of his yard after he rolled partially down the steep hill. Jones said that the following week Fogle asked him to install stairs to help walk down the hill. Fogle still laughs about the story.

“The guy knows more about music and movies than anyone I’ve ever met,” said Dave Newman, who worked in student services as an intern.

Some of his favorite artists include Graham Parker and Gregory Porter. Since high school, he has enjoyed watching independent films and many other types of movies. He joined a film committee in Wisconsin and ended up running it for a period of time. It was there that Mr. Fogle found what he wanted to do as a career: to help run programs and activities for the student body. He also speaks fondly of the outdoors, from experiences camping to hiking to gardening.

Newman also said: “Dean Fogle is a man of great taste. Pitt-Greensburg has been lucky to have him for all these years.”

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