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The X-Files Return to Television

by Rob Spadafore

After years of fan anticipation and dozens of rumors, Fox has resurrected the science fiction series “The X-Files” for a six-episode run. Set to film this summer, the show will see the return of creator Chris Carter and co-stars David Duchovny as Agent Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as Agent Dana Scully.

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“We always wanted to keep it going,” Duchovny said to Variety. “We always envisioned a movie franchise when we stopped the TV show, and we did two–the second one did well, but I guess not well enough to do a third, and we were all kind of disappointed that didn’t happen that way.”

The show aired for nine seasons from 1993 to 2002, and followed agents Mulder and Scully as they investigated paranormal activity, government conspiracies, and otherworldly phenomenon. It regained attention after popular video-streaming service Netflix added the entire series to their online library, introducing a new generation to the cult classic.

More than ten year after the release of the second film, “The X-Files: I Want to Believe,” fans continued to circulate online petitions and generate buzz for new content. Now that more is on the way, hopes are varied for what will be in store for the new episodes.

“I’m really excited. I can’t wait to see what they’ve got,” said Luke McDermott, senior English Writing and Literature Major at Pitt-Greensburg and X-Files aficionado. “I’d like to see a mixture between outlandish and plausible. That’s the core of what ‘The X-Files’ is: bringing the supernatural to the real world and making it believable. I hope it sparks a revival for either a series or more movies.”

Besides the creator and the leads, it’s still not entirely clear which other cast and crew members will be returning. Series regulars Mitch Pileggi (Assistant Director Walter Skinner) and William B. Davis (The Cigarette-Smoking Man) are not officially on board, yet. Neither are writers like Vince Gilligan, creator of “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul,” or directors Bill Roe and Rob Bowman, who are currently working on ABC’s “Castle.”

“I have ideas for everyone,” Carter said in an interview with “Their availability is subject to their regular paying jobs. Of course, I’d like to bring everyone back, but it’s who’s going to fit into the story and who’s available.”

What about hanging plot threads from the series’ mythology, like the 2012 alien colonization?

“I’ve though about that,” Carter said. “I don’t know exactly how I’m going to address it, in a big way, a mild way, a modern way, a mention, or a plot point…

“We’ll do everything we can to make it so that it’s worth the wait.”

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