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On the Path to Becoming AMCC Champions

By PJ Dumnich

The softball team and their new head coach, Lindsay Freitag, plan on ending the season as the next Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference Champions.

This season, the Bobcats go by “#Team15,” which symbolizes the 15 years that Pitt-Greensburg has had a softball program, and directs the team’s focus.

Coach Freitag wants to emphasize to her players that “anything that may have happened last year or the year before doesn’t matter.”

Softball Coach

Coach Freitag tries to impart the mentality of #team15 to her 2015 Bobcat softball team. – Courtesy of

If they are to achieve their goal and become the next AMCC Champions, this idea will have to stick in the players’ minds throughout the season.

A new name and mindset alone will not create a championship-caliber team, but a story has to start somewhere.

Coach Freitag stated that her first priority was “to change the culture and get a new energy through Pitt-Greensburg softball.”

The new culture and energy have been huge factors to date. The players now workout in the morning, practice during the day, and study at night.

It is hard work for a student to balance school and softball, but the players seem to be succeeding–they averaged a 3.0 G.P.A. last semester.

“The fun part is watching all of this hard work pay off,” Coach Freitag said.

The new regimen paid off in the classroom, so the Bobcats were eager to see if it would pay off on the field.

Their first test of the season came in South Carolina, where they participated in the Fastpitch Dreams Spring Classic.

The Bobcats finished with a record of 3-5 after 8 games. While they were on the wrong end of some lopsided games, they dominated in each victory.

Part of becoming a champion is to learn from mistakes. If the Bobcats can do this, they stand a good chance in the AMCC Tournament in June.

It will not be an easy feat for a first-year head coach and her team, but it seems as if #Team15 is on the right path.

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