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Bands You Should Know About

by Bobby Walch

Too often the best music comes from bands that never make an appearance on radio or television. If you have heard of the band name, then chances are you know only about that one song that made it to the radio. These bands, however, usually have more great songs that you are missing out on by listening only to their singles.

One band that you might have passed up is The Hush Sound. The Hush Sound was formed in 2005, and consists of four band members: Bob Morris and Greta Morgan, vocals, guitar, and piano; Darren Wilson, the drummer; and Chris Faller, the bass player.IMG_8628

The Hush Sound can be described as a mix between Indie and alternative rock. They have recorded three albums since their formation, the most recent being “Goodbye Blues.” The Hush Sound’s most popular hits include “Wine Red” and “Crawling Towards the Sun.” However, you might not have heard “Hourglass,” “Lighthouse,” or “Break the Sky.” These songs are great because the lyrics are simple yet powerful. Their relaxing sound makes the music good to put on while you are trying to focus on homework, or even rock out to when you need music that you can sing along to. The Hush Sound last performed in Pittsburgh in June 2013.

Marina and the Diamonds is another artist that you might have missed, even though she is gaining popularity. Marina Diamandis created the name “Marina and the Diamonds” in 2005, with “The Diamonds” as a reference to her fan base.

Marina and the Diamonds has a specific mix of indie and electropop. At the moment, she has released three albums, the latest, entitled “Froot,” was released this March. One of her most popular hits is the song “Hollywood.”

Less popular songs that are recommended are “Are You Satisfied?,” “The Outsider,” and “Lonely Hearts Club.” These songs are amazing because they are upbeat and energizing. Marina and the Diamonds is an artist that anyone can listen to and enjoy. Additionally, the lyrics to her music are empowering to women because they smash many old-fashioned-patriarchal stigmas. Marina and the Diamonds will be performing in Pittsburgh at Stage AE on May 26.

The final band that you may have heard of is Twenty One Pilots. Twenty One Pilots was formed in 2009, and consists of Tyler Joseph, vocals, and Josh Dunn, drums. In 2014, the band gathered attention by performing at the “MTV Music Awards” and on “Late Night” with Seth Meyers.

Twenty One Pilots, like Marina and the Diamonds, has a distinct sound that makes its music original. The music can be described as a mix between indie pop and pop rap. The band itself describes the sound as a “[d]istinctive fusion of piano-driven schizoid pop and lyrical uplift.”

Twenty One Pilots has released three albums, with “Vessel” as its most popular album. On March 16, the band released a new song, entitled “Fairly Local,” and announced that on May 19, they will be releasing a new album, called “Blurryface.” The band’s most notorious song is “Car Radio.” Recommended songs are “Lovely,” “Forest,” and “Semi-Automatic.” These songs are inspiring and hold deep meaning within their lyrics. Twenty One Pilots is a band that might require you to listen to its songs a few times before they start to grow on you because the sound is different from a lot of bands you may have heard before. Twenty One Pilots performed in Pittsburgh last September, and has performances in the city quite often.

Next time you find you love a song by a band you are unfamiliar with, take a chance and buy a CD. Who knows? You might find a new favorite band.

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