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Game of Love: What to Play With Your Sweetheart

by Rob Spadafore

Cuddle up with your loved one and a controller this Valentine’s Day. The best way to say “I love you” to the gamer in your life is to turn on your console and load your favorite co-op game. Getting a high score or taking down a big boss is better shared with your sweetie.

  1. “Heads Up” (Android and iOS) – A fast-paced guessing game for you and your partner to really get to know each other. You hold a phone to your forehead, and your partner gives clues as to what celebrity, movie, or scenario is displayed on the digital device. Panicking to answer as many prompts as possible in 60 seconds, the camera records your every embarrassing move. Half the fun is laughing at yourself with your mate at the end.
  1. “Minecraft” (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PS4, Playstation Network, Xbox One, Xbox Store, and more)—“Minecraft” is like playing house in a world made of Legos. You and your significant other can carve out a personal clubhouse in the randomly generated block world. Defend your lover’s honor by fending off zombies, creepers, and spiders at sundown, or turn off the enemies and enable creative mode to construct the mansion of your sweetheart’s dream.
  1. “Sportsfriends” (PC, Mac, PS4, and Playstation Network)—An indie collection of four multiplayer games, “Sportsfriends” is best experienced with a close friend or group of buddies. If you’re spending your Valentine’s Day just hanging out with a group, try “Hokra,” a two-on-two ball-passing game in which the objective is to hold the ball in your zone for a certain amount of time before your opponents knock it out. If you are looking for something more intimate, try “Johann Sebastian Joust.” Here, two to four players compete to knock or bump opponents’ controllers while keeping their own devices still. The game becomes fierce rather quickly.
  1. “Dance Central: Spotlight” (Xbox One)—If you are looking to work up a sweat, the download-only and Kinect-enabled rhythm game challenges players to keep up with the beat by dancing along to a number of pop hits such as Pharrell Williams’s “Happy” and “Diamonds,” by Rihanna. The base game is only $9.99 and offers ten songs to get you warmed up. If you want to keep shaking that booty all night long, additional songs are available for $1.99 each.

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