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A Review of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Multiplayer Mode

by Travis Sanner

   Referred to by many as “the blockbuster video game release of the year,” the new Call of Duty has one of the best multiplayer modes in recent memory. There are fourteen new maps in this game’s multiplayer mode, consisting of thirteen original maps, and one bonus map. The fourteen total maps in this multiplayer is more than most of the other games have had in their pre-DLC (downloadable content) days.


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare online multiplayer mode is many things, but the most important to fans is that this multiplayer is different from past iterations.

New kill streaks have been added to the game mode, as well as bringing back some of the “old reliable” streaks such as UAV’s and airstrikes. Sledgehammer, the developer of the game, has done a great job with adding new weapons, accessories, and other abilities into the multiplayer mode, making it that much more difficult. Even the “old” streaks that returned, such as UAV’s, have new perks within them. With the new UAV, you can make it the module where the UAV lasts longer, refreshes faster, or even shows the direction in which your enemies are moving. Also, you gain extra experience points when your teammates get kills during the time that your UAV is active.


   As previously mentioned, Advanced Warfare consists of thirteen all new maps, one of which is titled “Defender”. Between the number of maps, and varying sizes of them, you should be able to play this game for at least a few hours with full excitement.

The majority of these maps are classified as “small to medium” sized, which make the games very competitive. One very cool thing that was added into these maps is the addition of the elements doing more than just showing up. For example, in the aforementioned map “Defender” a large Tsunami swipes through the map, and if it hits you, you’re going to die.


   The multiplayer is incredibly smooth, minus the occasional “new game” lag that occurs every time a new game is produced and their servers get flooded with players. When you played past COD games, you might have thought, “man, this game is taking forever” due to the amount of lag, game clock, or simply slow gameplay. Thankfully, with this new rendition we no longer have that problem. I would describe the speed and flow of this game as fast to very fast; after playing it for a few hours I could already notice a difference in the number of matches I was able to get in during that time as compared to past games. Some of the new technologies thrown into this game, like the new jet pack, have really catapulted it to the top. With the jet pack, you can now double jump multiple feet in the air, and even boost in a lateral direction in mid-air.

Taken from

Taken from

Last, but certainly not least, are the weapons, the reasons players online can get thirty kills a game, save a teammate’s life, and defend their territory. As you can see by the above photo, there are new weapons, such as this 3D-Printer gun, which all have incredible new stats, ammo, and perks. One of the most incredible perks to this weapon is that it was made with a 3D-Printer, and can therefore make its own ammo on the go. In other words, when you’re using this weapon, the longer you live, you create more ammo.

I would recommend this game to anyone interested in first-person shooter games, and anyone who is interested in the Call of Duty series. This is by far the best Call of Duty game I have ever played.

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