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We Can Go To The Tropics – Bob Kitties Take Over Bermuda

Photographs from the trip, courtesy of Courtney DiBridge:

by Aliza Mulloy

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Woman’s Basketball team, better known as the “Bob Kitties,” traveled to Bermuda this past summer.

The experience was a major accomplishment, as it marked the first foreign trip for the Pitt-Greensburg athletic program. An accomplishment that did not come without years of hard work. The team spent over three years fundraising to pay for the trip.

During their stay, the team competed in three exhibition games against the Bermudian National Team and the Bermudian Club Team. The tournament helped promote women’s basketball in Bermuda. “Basketball is not popular in Bermuda like it is in the U.S.,” explained Pitt-Greensburg’s Courtney DiBridge. Pitt-Greensburg players and coaches hosted a basketball clinic for the Bermudian Youth to help spread awareness of the sport.

Their efforts also surfaced opportunities for athletes on our campus. Athletes at Pitt-Greensburg might not have thought foreign travel was ever possible.

Bob Kitties also had time to explore and enjoy Bermuda. Team members described cliffs over clear waters, pink-sand beaches, and lessons in the sport of cricket.

Photographs from the trip, courtesy of Courtney DiBridge:

Photographs from the trip, courtesy of Courtney DiBridge:

“The Bermuda trip was life-changing. I experienced paradise with my team and we now have an indescribable bond. The team is a family now. We will have the memories from Bermuda for the rest of our lives. It was all such a blessing,” Megan Hans said.

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