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Ask A – Advice for Test Anxiety

The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Counseling Center held a Test Anxiety Workshop on Monday Oct. 6 and Tuesday Oct. 7, just in time for mid-term (hell) week. The workshop discussed what test anxiety is, what causes test anxiety, and tips to overcome test anxiety. If you feel you suffer from test anxiety, here are tips to help ease your pain:

Go to class. I hope you went to class, rather. If you didn’t go to class, I would suggest investing in a case of Red Bull or a Starbucks Gold Card.

Study. Lack of studying is the main cause of test anxiety. Find the most effective study methods for you. I know it’s near impossible, but try to minimize cell phone use while studying. Studying in bed often results in sleep, not a passing grade. Also, hard to believe but Netflix is not the best study partner.

According to the workshop, we learn 95% of what we teach someone else. Find the desperate souls cramming at midnight, the night before the test. Then teach them.

Stay positive. Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Don’t be dramatic. One failed test will not ruin your hopes and dreams. A failed class will not ruin your hopes and dreams. It’s cliché, but learn from your mistakes and do better next time.

If you failed a test, a class, or are near panic attack because you have a test in an hour and do not know shit, check out this article:

You can always retake a class but you can’t retake life. Don’t drive yourself to madness. Enjoy college.



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