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Test Anxiety Workshop

by Rob Spadafore

            Agonized over your impending midterms? Terrified of memorizing those stacks of notes you took in class? You might be feeling the burden of test anxiety. On Monday October 6 and Tuesday October 7, the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Counseling Center is offering a Test Anxiety Workshop to help students learn about and cope with test anxiety. The event will be held on both days in Hempfield Hall from noon to 1:00. Whether a first semester freshman dealing with college midterms or an upperclassman with a heavier-than-expected workload, all students are welcome to attend. Sign-ups for additional help will also be offered to students who need it.

Dr. Russ Phillips, Assistant Professor of Psychology on campus, thinks this is a great opportunity for students. “There are many causes of test anxiety—from lack of preparation, to the test, to overall problems with anxiety. This workshop will address these various causes and ways to overcome them. The Counseling Center has lots of resources—including two new interns this semester! I am sure that they will do an excellent job leading the workshop, and I am grateful that they are willing to do it.”

For more information, contact the Counseling Center at or Dr. Phillips at

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