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Letter from the Editor

Let me first say that we’e all excited to have a newspaper on campus again. If you haven’t been to the website (can you tell this was first published in print?) It’s Enjoy it. Learn from it. Prosper by it. Become a better person because of it.

Did you know that the G.P.A. needed to transfer to Oakland is 2.5, even though it’s advertised at 3.0 on Pitt’s website? We thought that was pretty weird. Oakland is siphoning Greensburg’s students, but the lowered-G.P.A. requirement may work out to your advantage. Read Kevin Scrima’s article on Enrollment to get more information.

We’d like your input on the way administration handled the incident on October 1. Do you think they did a good job? Do you think an emergency notification should have been sent? Let us know on the website, or email We want to know what you think.

It’s also important to note, in regard to the recent incident, that our campus community includes relations to the person who died. It’s important to respect their grieving process and understand what they’re going through. It’s easy to talk about something when it doesn’t involve you, but remember that it does involve other people.

Since this is our first printing, we want to know if there’s anything else you’d want to see in the paper. More sports? More campus events? More pictures and fewer words?

This is your paper, and we are here to accommodate you: the student body. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve your paper, let us know.

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